We provide services to individuals with a wide range of complex needs and risks, including individuals and families presenting with alcohol and drug misuse issues.

Our support empowers and addresses the needs and risks of the individual. We have experience of working constructively in partnership with health agencies, addiction services, local authorities, and other appropriate organisations in the provision of integrated and holistic support services relating to individuals with alcohol and drug misuse.

Staff provide a structured programme that includes:

  • strengthening positive social networks and key life skills
  • utilising mainstream support
  • working to increase employability and training potential
  • providing opportunities to participate in community projects

Our services help keep people safe, in line with adults at risk and adults with incapacity obligations.

Our philosophy is based on the provision of support, advice and guidance in an atmosphere of respect, to enable individuals to maximise their quality of life.

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"I really appreciate all that is done for my relative. All of the staff have been great and I really appreciate their concern and compassion."

from our Family and Carers survey 2011-12