Our services for people with forensic needs are individually planned as a service would be for any other individual. Differences arise in our reporting and accounting systems which are applied more stringently.

Individuals are supported and monitored by a Care Team, which consists of our team of Support Workers managed by the Team Manager and the following professionals:

  • Forensic Community Nurse
  • Forensic Psychologist
  • Forensic Team Leader/Social Worker
  • Forensic Team Social Inclusion Worker
  • Psychiatrist
  • Criminal Justice Social Worker
  • Others

All or some of these people will be involved with the individual we support, depending on the needs and/or legal restrictions placed on the individual. Meetings are monthly to review care and support plans.

Our Forensic Teams in Fife and the Borders liaise with the Significant Risk Advisory Group (SRAG), acknowledged as an example of good practice in the forensic world.

Any changes to the activity or care plan go through this group before implementation.

Prior to someone being supported in the community, we undertake an in-depth risk assessment to identify significant risks to the community or person - determining staffing levels and whether the person can spend any time alone.

Other than these exceptions, services proceed on a day-to-day basis as other services. Where appropriate, houses are alarmed and protocols are in place for dealing with, and reporting any breaches of care plans or probation orders.

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"The staff are supportive and encourage us to use our own skills."

from our 'How well are we doing?' survey with people we support, 2011-12