The world of social care is changing.

Self-Directed Support is a new way of arranging your support, which puts you in charge. The focus of all support is now about outcomes, which are the things you want to achieve in your life.

All new referrals to social work services in Scotland will now be offered a choice of four options:

  1. A direct payment – where you are given a cash payment to pay for your support and any activities that can help you achieve your outcomes
  2. An individual service fund – where an organisation like The Richmond Fellowship Scotland can manage your budget but you still have full choice over how it is spent
  3. A managed budget – where the local authority arranges the service
  4. A mix and match of the options – for example, you might use a direct payment for a short break, but have your day service through a provider

SDS Pathway

The Richmond Fellowship Scotland can support you no matter what option you choose.

To find out more about how we can support you to use your budget to achieve your outcomes then click here to contact us

Case Study: Andy

Andy is a young man who contracted Meningitis when he was a teenager, and as a result had Dyspraxia, Epilepsy and an Acquired Brain Injury. He had lived for several years in residential care where he had become very frustrated and withdrawn.

When Andy was assessed for SDS he identified a number of outcomes – things that he wanted to change or achieve in his life – and Andy’s included increasing his confidence, social skills and returning to education. He chose to be supported by The Richmond Fellowship Scotland using SDS Option 2 and his staff team quickly supported him to build his social skills and increase his confidence.

 In time, he had the confidence to apply for a college course and attend an interview, and in September 2014 he started a full time course in computing. His staff initially supported fully to attend college, then they were able to reduce this to supporting him to and from college. Andy has since made friends and now travels to and from college with them, and he now uses his support hours to work towards achieving his other outcomes.

The Scottish Government have produced three guides to SDS – for service users, carers and practitioners. For more information and to download these visit: 

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"The Richmond Fellowship Scotland is a very forward thinking organisation. They have embraced the self-directed support agenda and are keen to promote choice to each individual they support."

Jacqui Kerr, East Ayrshire Council