Our Alcohol Related Brain Damage (ARBD) service supports over 50 people with varying degrees of ARBD to live as independently and inclusively as possible in their own homes and communities.

Our Service addresses the needs of people that have previously been neglected in service planning, whose lives are often chaotic and without structure.

Our support aims to allow individuals to move out of long term residential or other institutional care and back into their own homes and to enable people to become more settled in their own home and to re-establish structure, meaning and purpose to their lives again.

We design detailed, specific and individualised packages of support. Through this we are able to provide support from a few hours per week to 24-hours a day.

All planned support is regularly reviewed in full co-operation with the individual, family/friends and appropriate others.Individuals we support and others involved often tell us how the service has dramatically improved their lives, such as

  • rekindling their hobbies and interests
  • enabling them to live in better, safer environments
  • re-establishing links with friends and families
  • returning to college or employment
  • taking a more active part in their community

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"I really appreciate all that is done for my relative. All of the staff have been great and I really appreciate their concern and compassion."

from our Family and Carers survey 2011-12