Care Inspectorate

Our regulators the Care Inspectorate assess whether we meet the requirements of the National Care Standards and the improvements we have implemented in our services.

In 2019/20, 94.4% of all services were graded as ‘good’ (4), ‘very good’ (5) or ‘excellent’ (6) across all assessed themes. 67.6% of our services were in the ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’ categories.

National Surveys

Our commitment to listening and continually improving remains as strong as ever. We are therefore happy to share the results of our 2021 / 2022 satisfaction surveys.  701 people we support and family members / carers took the time to share their valuable experiences and ideas. 

Individuals we support

Every year we provide the people we support the opportunity to feedback to our services by asking  How well are we doing? via our National survey.  This helps services make changes and improvements that will have a real impact on the quality of support people experience, and help the organisation learn and understand what is working and not working in our services.

In 2022, 93% of those who responded told us that they get the right support from the Richmond Fellowship Scotland.

96% also told us that the support they receive helps them to feel safe (including in relation to COVID-19).

Families and Carers

We also ask family members and carers of the people we support what they think of the support we provide. The feedback we get from our annual ‘How Well Do We Do?’ survey helps us keep standards high and make improvements where we need to.

In 2022, 92% of the family members who responded said their family member felt listened to and respected.

95% also told us that they felt the support their family member received made them feel safe (including in relation to COVID-19)

Stakeholder Survey

As part of our structured approach to consultation we also periodically ask our external stakeholders, specifically those who commission our services what they think.  We are committed to having positive working relationships with all our stakeholders and the feedback we receive through this survey contributes greatly to the aims of the organisational and the improvement of service delivery.

Our next Stakeholder Survey will be carried out in 2023.